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Joe Lana Jr's (The Cowboy Drummer, Dropout Kings) Top 5 Influential Records

September 06, 2023

This week’s guest is Joe Lana Jr. AKA The Cowboy Drummer. Based Rochester, NY, Joe has created quite the following with his hilarious drum videos coupled with amazing playing. If you don’t know about The Cowboy Drummer, go give him a follow right now. He has been a consistent positive force in my life, and I’m sure he will be for you too. But he’s not just an influencer, he’s a very active touring drummer with his band Dropout Kings, based in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s great. He’s a kind soul and I’m really grateful to have chatted with him. I hope you enjoy the 5 records that shaped Joe Lana into the drummer he is today!





Album - The Sickness

Artist - Disturbed

Release Year - 2000

Key Track(s) - Stupify / Droppin Plates / Down With The Sickness

Drummer - Mike Wengren


Album - Hybrid theory

Artist - Linkin Park

Release Year - 2000

Key Track(s) - One Step Closer / Crawling / Papercut

Drummer - Rob Bourdon


Album - Chocolate Star Fish and The Hotdog Flavored Water

Artist - Limp Bizkit

Release Year - 2000

Key Track(s) - Rollin / My Way / My Generation

Drummer - John Otto


Album - Follow the Leader

Artist - Korn

Release Year - 1998

Key Track(s) - Freak on a Leash

Drummer - David Silveria


Album - Dookie

Artist - Green Day

Release Year - 1994

Key Track(s) - When I Come Around / Basket Case / Welcome to Paradise

Drummer - Tre cool