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Brandon Scott's Top 5 Influential Records

January 03, 2024

This week’s guest is Brandon Scott –– a fabulous drummer, YouTuber and cinematographer. I’ve been following his channel for YEARS and was really excited to finally get him on the show. Brandon’s YouTube channel is an exceptional blend of great playing, education, humor and VFX. In this episode we, of course, discuss the 5 records that helped shape Brandon into the drummer he is today, but we also touch on taking self-inventory of happiness and allowing all your passions to become one big “good life stew”…and where Brandon is at with all of that. Go check out his channel link in the show notes…and enjoy that chat! Alright cheers.






Album - Self Titled

Artist - Blink-182

Release Year - 2003

Key Track(s) - I Miss You

Drummer - Travis Barker


Album - Moving Pictures

Artist - Rush

Release Year - 1981

Key Track(s) - Tom Sawyer / YYZ

Drummer - Neil Peart


Album - Systematic Chaos

Artist - Dream Theater

Release Year - 2007

Key Track(s) - In The Presence of Enemies / Constant Motion

Drummer - Mike Portnoy


Album - Colors

Artist - Between the Buried and Me

Release Year - 2007

Key Track(s) - Prequel to the Sequel / White Walls

Drummer - Blake Richardson


Album - We Like It Here

Artist - Snarky Puppy

Release Year - 2014

Key Track(s) - What About Me?

Drummer - Larnell Lewis