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 How can I apply to be a Big Fat Snare Drum Artist? 


Do you ship internationally? 


How do I clear an item from my shopping cart?




Which carrier do you use for shipping? 

  • We use USPS. If you would like to use a different carrier, please email us at prior to your purchase to discuss other pricing / carrier options.


Do your heads work on toms as well?

  • Absolutely. All of our heads are built to work on both snares and toms.


Do your heads come in different sizes?

  • Yes. Many of our popular heads come in multiple sizes ranging from 10” to 18”. Each individual product listing includes a toggle down menu with a listing of all available sizes. Be sure to order the correct size 😎


What size should I buy? 

  • Each BFSD head is built to work on any drum of a corresponding size. Note: Our heads are slightly smaller to ensure a universal fit. e.g. a 14” Steve’s Donut is roughly 13.75”.


How much do they mute the drum? 

  • We do not market our heads as “mutes”. While they do reduce the volume somewhat, the main function of our heads is to lower the fundamental pitch. That being said, each product listing includes a video demonstrating exactly how that particular head effects a drum. 


Can BFSD be used on cymbals?

  • Very much so. All of our heads with a center cutout work great for drying up any cymbal. We also offer a head made specificity for this reason called “Swiss Ride”.


Are these made in the USA? 

  • You know it. Well, now you do. 


Which model should I buy?

  • While we can’t answer this question in a broad sense, you can either fill out the “Custom Builder Form” or email us directly at to describe your specific needs. We’ll set you up. 


How do I transport / carry these between gigs? 

  • We are always experimenting with releasing our own carrying case, but as of now, stacking them on top of your snare inside your case works great. Certain cymbal bags with dividers can be an option as well.