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Elias Mallin's (Filter, Kesha, Noah Cyrus) Top 5 Influential Records

September 06, 2023

This week’s guest is Elias Mallin. Elias is one of my newest favorite people and this chat was fun. He warned me that he’d have a lot of controversial takes and I certainly was not disappointed. Elias is one of THE go-to drummers in LA with a resume that includes Kesha, Filter, Noah Cyrus, Kill Hannah, Hollywood Undead, Julia Michaels, Fear and the Nervous System, and so many more. This chat felt like I was just shooting the sh$t with an old friend and I hope you enjoy the 5 records that helped shaped Elias Mallin into the drummer he is today.





Album - …And Justice For All

Artist - Metallica

Release Year - 1988

Key Track(s) - All of them

Drummer - Lars Ulrich


Album - aenema

Artist - Tool

Release Year - 1996

Key Track(s) - All of them

Drummer - Danny Carey


Album - White Pony

Artist - The Deftones

Release Year - 2000

Key Track(s) - Digital Bath, Passenger

Drummer - Abe Cunningham


Album - Live And Loud

Artist - Ozzy Osbourne

Release Year - 1993

Key Track(s) - Shot in the Dark, Crazy Train, Bark at the Moon

Drummer - Randy Castillo


Album - Under the Table and Dreaming

Artist - Dave Mathews Band

Release Year - 1994

Key Track(s) - Ants Marching, Satellite

Drummer - Carter Beauford