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Episode 29: Live Q&A with Kris and Ben

July 08, 2020

Get to know the Big Fat Boyz. This week's episode is from an Instagram live Q&A featuring Kris and myself (Ben). Thank you sooooo much to everyone who participated and asked great questions. Be sure to follow @bigfatsnaredrum across all platforms to stay updated on everything Big and Fat and Snare Drummy.  

Today's episode is brought to you by Clearsound Baffles. Clearsound Baffles are a transparent, acoustic shielding product that dampen loud instruments and significantly improve live sound. They dampen harsh, high-end frequencies, eliminate a huge amount of bleed into the open mics on stage, and they let your drum kit breathe the way it was meant to. So, keep your drums sounding great, keep your engineers happy, and keep the band vibing. Visit their website to check ‘em out and they have a discount code for our listeners. Enter "bigfatdiscount" at checkout to get 10% off.

This episode is also sponsored by Waves Audio. This podcast would take me soooo much longer to edit if it wasn't for the Waves Vocal Rider plugin. It "rides" the fader in real-time and keeps both my and my guest's audio at a consistent level without the need to overcompress. I also use an endless of amount of their plugins for my musical recordings such as Abbey Road Saturator, CLA Drums, the SSL Channel, and many more.