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Episode 28: The Story of "The Click Track"

July 01, 2020

I tried something new this week. One of my favorite podcasts is "Tech Stuff" and I decided to take a stab a doing a similar format for this episode. No guests…just the mumblings and bumblings of yours truly. The last two guests on the podcast, Terry Keating (episode #26) and Gunnar Olsen (ep #27), both brought up the topic of the “click track”. It got me thinking…when did this thing start and why? Why was perfect time needed at all? Welllllll…follow me down the rabbit hole to find out about the history of the click track and hopefully, this is a format that tickles your fancy…or clickles your fancy?…eh that sounds weird.


Artst: Sly Stone

Song: I’m Just Like You

Record: Sly’s Stone Flower

Release Year: 1969

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Artist: Sly and The Family Stone

Song: Family Affair

Record: There’s A Riot Going’ On”

Release Year: 1971

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Artist: Silver Convention

Song: Fly Robin Fly

Record: Save Me

Release Year: 1975

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Artist: Genesis

Song: Home by the Sea

Record: Genesis

Release Year: 1983

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Artist: Phil Collins

Song: The West Side

Record: Hello, I Must Be Going

Release Year: 1982

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