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Lina Anderberg's Top 5 Influences

Aug 03, 2021 | 0 comments

 My name is Ben Hilzinger and this week’s guest is Lina Anderberg. I found out about Lina through her Instagram (@linaanderberg) and I was immediately blown away. She’s originally from Sweden, but moved to LA to attend Musicians Institute right before all of the world shut down. It was quite the frustrating story dealing with all that and she is currently in Stockholm waiting for her opportunity to get back to the states. In the meantime, I was really excited to pick her brain because she has an incredible pocket and, at the top of the show, I oogle over...

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Scott Mcpherson's (Sense Field, Elliot Smith, M. Ward) Top 5(+) Influences

Jul 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Today’s guest is one of my favorite people, Scott McPherson. Scott founded Tackle Instrument Supply Company and was one of our first guests EVER on the podcast back when we had a different name and a different / no format. Back then, I did a series of episodes called “Behind The Company” and brought Scott on the show to tell the story of Tackle…soooo go check that out; it’s episode #12. In that conversation, we merely scratched the surface of Scott’s amazing drummer career (focusing mainly on his business), but Scott’s also written / performed with Sense Field, M. Ward,...

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Jojo Mayer: Clarity > Perfection

Jul 29, 2021 | 0 comments

  My guest this week is Mr. Jojo Mayer…a mind-blowing player who helped pioneer the drum n bass movement in New York City by “reverse engineering” programmed drum loops and applying them to the drum set. He is also revered for his exceptional technique, which he dissects in the wildly-popular instructional series titled “Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer Parts 1 & 2”. He is also the leader of his own band, Nerve, which he founded back in 1997. We don’t necessarily stick to the normal format in this one; Jojo is a great storyteller. We start off with a...

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Dan Bailey's (Father John Misty) Top Influences

Jul 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Today’s guest is returning champ..Dan Bailey! Dan is certainly a friend of the podcast and ever since we switched over to the new format, I’ve really wanted to have him back on the show. He’s a well-oiled engineer, studio owner and drummer…not necessarily in that order…currently the drumming and MD’ing for Father John Misty, but Dan’s also worked with Reignwolf, Pacific Air, First Aid Kit, Onerepublic, Christina Aguilera and yada yada yada. Be sure to check out his previous episodes on the podcast from 5000 years ago. But I hope you enjoy todays conversation about the top 6 (he’s an...

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Tosh Peterson's (@tosh_thedrummer) Top 5 Influences

Jul 06, 2021 | 0 comments

Today’s guest is Tosh Peterson aka @tosh_thedrummer. I’ve been following his playing for quite some time now and, while his professional career is relatively new, he’s accomplished a TON and seen more of the world than most players do in their entire lifetime. His showmanship is what grabbed my attention right away, but his finesse coupled with a deceptively controlled bombast is the reason he’s played and IS playing with some of the top players in the game right now including Machine Gun Kelly, Jaden Hossler, Nik Best, Carlie Hanson and many, many more. His is a name you’re gonna...

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