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Gunnar Olsen's (Big Data, Puscifer, Bruce Springsteen) Top 5(ish) Drumming Moments That Inspired His Playing Style

Aug 15, 2020 | 0 comments

 Gunnar Olsen breaks down the top 5(ish) drumming moments that helped him develop a unique voice behind the kit. You can listen wherever podcasts are streamed e.g. Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Overcast    Song: Harvester of Sorrow Artist/Band: Metallica Drummer: Lars Ulrich Apple / Spotify   Song: The Bed's Too Big Without You Artist/Band: The Police Drummer: Stewart Copeland Apple / Spotify    Song: Song for the Dead Artist/Band: Queens of the Stone Age Drummer: Dave Grohl Apple / Spotify   Song: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Artist/Band: Nirvana Drummer: Dave Grohl Apple / Spotify   Song: Serve The Servants Artist/Band: Nirvana Drummer: Dave Grohl Apple / Spotify   Song:...

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Kris and Ben's Top 5 Drumming Moments That Formed Their Style (first installment of The Big Fat 5)

Aug 05, 2020 | 0 comments

  Hello's show features the Big Fat Man himself, Kris Mazzarisi and myself, Ben Hilzinger, discussing the top 5 specific moments in either a recording or a performance that helped form us into the drummers we are today. We are all sponges for inspiration until the day we die, but some sponge-worthy moments are more remarkable than others. All of the little flourishes in our playing combine to give us a unique voice, but many of these derive from something we've heard or seen outside of our beautiful little creative minds. This is the first installment of a series...

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