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Yuri Ruley (MxPx): The Top 5 Songs That Shaped His Playing Style

Dec 02, 2020 | 0 comments

        Today’s guest is Yuri Ruley, drummer for the iconic punk band, MxPx. His speed, creativity and disciple were a huge influence on me growing up, and if ever need a good ass whipping, I’ll put on Life In General and sweat my way through a barage of beats at tempo’s that make me questions Yuri’s sanity. We discuss the top 5 songs that best represent his influences when he first started playing drums. Please enjoy my podcast with The Legend, Yuri Ruley.   Drummer: Bobby Schayer Band: Bad Religion Album: Generator Track: Generator   Drummer:...

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Gunnar Olsen & Ben Dissect the Playing of Phil Selway (Radiohead)

Nov 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Continuing with the theme of keeping things fresh, Gunnar Olsen (Puscifer, Big Data, Bruce Springsteen) and I have started a new segment of the show called “Save it for the Pod” where we pause our private conversations about a particular musical topic until we can record it for the MASSES. This week’s topic is the timeless and seemingly underrated drummer of Radiohead, Phil Selway. Gunnar and I each choose our top 5 Phil beats and go a dissectin’! You can find links to all the songs discussed in The Podcast section for the episode at   ‘Morning Bell (Live...

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James Gadson's Top Recordings That Define His Career

Nov 17, 2020 | 0 comments

Today was a milestone for me. I’ve been such a huge fan of this man for years and I hope I hide my nervousness well enough in this conversation. This week’s guest is James Gadson…one of the funkiest drummers out there. He gave life to the 16th note groove and used it on countless records with Bill Withers, The Jackson Five, Beck, Cheryl Lynn, Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and many more. For a time, it was rare to go a whole day without hearing James’ drumming on the radio, and probably still true to this...

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Sarah Thawer's Top 5 Drumming Moments That Shaped Her Style

Nov 11, 2020 | 0 comments

  Today’s guest is Sarah Thawer…a Toronto-based, freelance drummer, percussionist, pianist and overall badass with a style consisting of a unique blend of jazz, Indian, world and funk style drumming. She is one of my favorite drummers to watch, literally, because you can’t help but notice the enjoyment on her face and her love of improvisation is a true testament to her capabilities behind the kit. Her playing blows my mind and I was really excited to have her on the show to dissect the top 5 drumming moments that shaped her style. Her positivity and approach to navigating a...

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Eric Slick's (Dr. Dog) Top 5 Drumming Moments That Shaped His Style

Nov 03, 2020 | 0 comments

  Today’s guest is Eric Slick drummer for Dr. Dog. Eric is a great player with a modern day Ringo-esque approach to serving the song…which is an obvious focus when you hear his drum that are deceivingly hard to execute well. His effortless technique is something I’ve admired from afar and I was really anxious to hear about the top 5 drumming moments that shaped his style. In addition to his tenure in Dr. Dog and working as a drummer for many other artists, Eric is a prolific songwriter himself. His most recent album, “Wiseacre”, came out this year…and...

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