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What Makes Ringo...Ringo?

June 30, 2021


This week’s guest is producer, studio owner and drummer, Frankie Siragusa. We are switching up formats a little bit for this episode; I had initially planned for this conversation to be a BONUS episode, but I think it still falls into the traditional format in its own unique ways. We’ve all heard a producer or bandmate say “Hey…give me a Ringo vibe!” when suggesting drum parts for a new song, but what the hell does that ACTUALLY mean? Having recently released the album "Goodbye My Love (Lost Songs of The Beatles Covered and Rediscovered)", Frankie is THE guy to explain what that DOES and DOES NOT mean. This conversation is just two Beatle maniacs talking about one of the greatest to ever do it so please enjoy our chat on the 5 key elements that make Ringo Starr Ringo Starr. This is guaranteed to improve your drumming or you get your money back. Enjoy!