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Tosh Peterson's (@tosh_thedrummer) Top 5 Influences

July 06, 2021

Today’s guest is Tosh Peterson aka @tosh_thedrummer. I’ve been following his playing for quite some time now and, while his professional career is relatively new, he’s accomplished a TON and seen more of the world than most players do in their entire lifetime. His showmanship is what grabbed my attention right away, but his finesse coupled with a deceptively controlled bombast is the reason he’s played and IS playing with some of the top players in the game right now including Machine Gun Kelly, Jaden Hossler, Nik Best, Carlie Hanson and many, many more. His is a name you’re gonna being hear a lot of in the coming years and he’s earned every damn bit of it. He’s incredible and approaches his craft with equal parts levity and intensity. Please enjoy the top 5 inspirations that help mold Mr. Tosh Peterson. Cheers!