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Tina Raymond's (Drummer, Composer, Educator) Top 5 Influential Records

September 06, 2023

This week’s guest is Tina Raymond. Tina is an accomplished drummer, composer, bandleader, and educator based in Los Angeles, CA and is the director of Jazz Studies at California State University Northridge. She presented globally and her teaching credits include Los Angeles City College, The Herbie Hancock Institute, University of Michigan, Bard College and Idyllwild Arts. She’s toured all over the world as a both a leader and sideman. Her upcoming releases include “Divinations” featuring 6 of her own compositions  and Rachel Eckroth’s Live at Sam First. She’s incredibly talented and an expert at relaying information in a fun way. I really hope you learn something from this one; she goes over A LOT. I hope you enjoy the 5 records that shaped Tina Raymond into the drummer she is today. Cheers! 





Album - Everybody Digs Bill Evans

Artist - Bill Evans

Release Year - 1959

Key Track(s) - Minority

Drummer - Philly Joe Jones


Album - Live at The Pershing

Artist - Ahmad Jamal

Release Year - 1959

Key Track(s) Surrey With The Fringe On Top, Poinciana


Vernel Fournier


Album - When the Pawn…

Artist - Fiona Apple

Release Year - 1999

Key Track(s) - Limp, Fast As You Can

Drummer - Matt Chamberlain, Butch Norton, Jim Keltner


Album - Art Pepper + Eleven

Artist - Art Pepper

Release Year - 1960

Key Track(s) - Move, Groovin’ High

Drummer - Mel Lewis


Album - Soul Station

Artist - Hank Mobley

Release Year - 1960

Key Track(s) - This I Dig of You

Drummer - Art Blakey