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Johnny Kelly's (Type O Negative, Quiet Riot, Danzig) Top 5 Influential Records

September 06, 2023


This week’s guest is Johnny Kelly. Johnny is mostly known for his tenure as the drummer for Type O Negative, but his full resume includes Quiet Riot, Danzig, Silvertomb, A Pale Horse Named Death, Kill Devil Kill, and his latest endeavor, Eye Am. Johnny is a hell of a hard-hitting player, but his awareness of dynamics and the development of a theme while crafting parts is the reason he’s in the third decade of a very fruitful career. I hope you enjoy the 5 records that shaped Johnny Kelly into the drummer he is today. Cheers






Album - Physical Graffiti

Artist - Led Zeppelin

Release Year - 1975

Key Track(s) - In My Time of Dying, Kashmir, Ten Years Gone

Drummer - John Bonham


Album - Sabotage

Artist - Black Sabbath

Release Year - 1975

Key Track(s) - The Writ, Megalomania

Drummer - Bill Ward


Album - BBC Sessions

Artist - Led Zeppelin

Release Year - 1997

Key Track(s) - Since I’ve Been Loving You, Thank You

Drummer - John Bonham


Album - Motley Crue

Artist - Motley Crue

Release Year - 1994

Key Track(s) - Power To The Music, Till Death Do Us Part

Drummer - Tommy Lee


Album - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Artist - Beatles

Release Year - 1967

Key Track(s) - Lovely Rita, A Day In The Life

Drummer - Ringo Star