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Steve Goold's (Matt Kearney, Ben Rector, Sara Bareilles) Top 5 Drumming Moments That Shaped His Style

October 20, 2020

This week’s guest is Steve Goold…a.k.a the “Steve” of Steve’s Donut. Steve tells the story of working with Kris (BFSD owner) and how the donut came to be before breaking down the top 5 drumming moments that shaped his playing. Steve has recorded and/or toured with countless big hitters such as Sara Bareilles, Owl City, Ben Rector and many more. His respect for the "song" and crafting the perfect drum part is very evident in the choices he made for this episode. I gained a lot and I hope you will too.




"Go" off of Vs by Pearl Jam

... the whole intro sequence and then the outro starting at 2:39 (start) (2:39)



"Oh No The Radio" off of the Owsley self-titled...

start from the beginning and play through the first minute



"Mojo Pin" off of Grace by Jeff Buckley...

start the track at 3:45 and then the moment happens at 4:19



"Where Does A Stranger Go On Christmas Eve" off of Body Popping by Happy Apple...

the first minute


"The Truth" off of Speak by Dogs Of Peace...

the first minute, then again at 1:10


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