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Raghav Mehrotra's (Broadway's School of Rock) Top 8 Drumming Moments That Shaped His Style

October 14, 2020



This week’s guest is Raghav Mehrotra. This young man is one of the most exciting drummers to watch right now. From starting drums at 3 to starring on Broadway before most kids even pick up a drumstick, Raghav has shown to be one of the hardest working players right now with a career that I am SO pumped to watch develop even further. In this episode, Raghav breaks down the top to 8 (I only asked for 5, but again, that’s just who he is) drumming moments that shaped him into the true veteran of the craft he is today. I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you will too.


John Bonham - In My Time of Dying

(8:49 - 8:54 specifically, but until 9:13)


Marcus Gilmore - Actions Speak Solo at Jazz Balitica

(57:18 - 57:39)


Mark Guiliana - Seven Sounds

(1:05 - 1:15)


Roy Haynes - In Walked Bud

(9:21 - 10:31)


Steve Smith - Interwoven Rhythms

(1:05 - 1:15)


Elvin Jones - Afro Blue w/ John Coltrane Quartet

(2:26 - 2:42)


The Winstons - Amen Brother (The Amen Break)

(1:26 - 1:33)


The Real Me - The Who

(0:25 - 0:38)


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