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Scott Mcpherson's (Sense Field, Elliot Smith, M. Ward) Top 5(+) Influences

July 29, 2021

Today’s guest is one of my favorite people, Scott McPherson. Scott founded Tackle Instrument Supply Company and was one of our first guests EVER on the podcast back when we had a different name and a different / no format. Back then, I did a series of episodes called “Behind The Company” and brought Scott on the show to tell the story of Tackle…soooo go check that out; it’s episode #12. In that conversation, we merely scratched the surface of Scott’s amazing drummer career (focusing mainly on his business), but Scott’s also written / performed with Sense Field, M. Ward, She and Him, Beck, Elliot Smith and many, many more. Please enjoy my conversation with Scott McPherson as we discuss the top 5 influences that made him into the drummer he is today.