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Lina Anderberg's Top 5 Influences

August 03, 2021


My name is Ben Hilzinger and this week’s guest is Lina Anderberg. I found out about Lina through her Instagram (@linaanderberg) and I was immediately blown away. She’s originally from Sweden, but moved to LA to attend Musicians Institute right before all of the world shut down. It was quite the frustrating story dealing with all that and she is currently in Stockholm waiting for her opportunity to get back to the states. In the meantime, I was really excited to pick her brain because she has an incredible pocket and, at the top of the show, I oogle over her hand technique. I actually had to cut some of it out because I just wouldn’t move on, but I guarantee Lina is going to be playing with some amazing artists in the future and I can’t wait to see her career continue to flourish. Please enjoy my conversation with Lina Anderberg on the top influences that made her into the drummer she is today. Cheeerrrssss.