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Rajeev Maddela's (Currency Audio) Top 5 Influential Records

July 20, 2022

This week’s guest is Rajeev Maddela. He’s a drum set artist, electronic music composer, DJ, computer programmer, and rudimental percussion instructor based in Brooklyn, NY.  

Under the name Maddela, he has released a host of singles and EP’s. His production work spans the genres of experimental drum and bass, future bass, and UK garage, with a focus on live performance elements and wide sonic palettes. The project I heard from him was CURRENCY AUDIO, which is an improvisational performance project exploring jungle, IDM, UK garage, dubstep and their various offshoots.

Rajeev holds a degree in Computer Science from New York University. His career as a software engineer spans nearly two decades. Let’s just say he is a go-getter and it was truly an honor to talk to him. Big shoutout to Ian Maciak for introducing Rajeev to me, and yeah…let’s learn about the top 5 records that shaped Raj into the musician he is today. Cheers!


Star of Indiana Drumline ‘93


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Artwork by Trevin Frame