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Jessica Burdeaux's (@jburdsbeats) Top 5 Influential Records

July 14, 2022

This week’s guest is Jessica “The Hoot” Burdeaux. She’s a former guest of the show before we switched to the current format so I knew I had to get her back on. I’m confident you’ve seen her on either social media, Drumeo, YouTube or (for whom she’s sorta become the face of drumming). She’s extremely powerful and plays with a conviction that is undeniably fun to both watch and listen to. Her creative, syncopated rhythms have caught the attention of the entire drumming community and I’m very happy to call her a dear friend. You know her. You love her. I hope you enjoy my chat with Jessica Burdeaux on the 5 records that shaped her into the now-full-time drummer she is today. Cheers! 

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Jessica’s (now-archived) first time on the podcast - LISTEN HERE