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Episode 1: The Big Fat Snare Drum Story

April 03, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of The Big Fat Snare Drum Podcast!...a podcast that snags insight and advice from the often-unsung heroes of our drumming community. In this show, we'll talk about the things you might not know unless you’re a full-time session or touring player. Furthermore, we’ll hound some of our favorite drummers on their techniques, how they developed their unique playing style, approach to songwriting, and specific sonic goals. And as we all know, drummers are known to be a little scatterbrained so expect us to throw in a few curveballs.

In this inaugural episode, you get to meet us...the hosts! 

Enjoy the babbling nonsense of Owner/Founder of Big Fat Snare Drum, Kris Mazzarisi, and Artist Relations Manager, Ben Hilzinger as we discuss the origin of both our friendship and Big Fat Snare Drum. Cheers!