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Episode 6: Very (Live) Sound Advice w/ Mic Quinn and Geron Rains Part ONE

April 04, 2020

Ben sits down with two of his favorite sound engineers and people Mic Quinn and Geron Rains. Mic has toured the world as Production Manager, Stage Manager and/or Front of House Audio with Jet, Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun, Kongos, Biffy Clyro, The Music and countess more while Geron is primarily a monitor engineer having worked with Kongos, Ratatat, Vince Staples, Relient K and Hippo Campus. They discuss their personal philosophies, techniques and overall insight on micing and recording drums for both the studio and live. We get into everything from mic choices to drummer pet peeves to how hard, yet important it is to develop the relationship between player and sound engineer in order to achieve the best sound possible both for the room and the music. Also, we didn’t get a chance to discuss it, but be sure to check out Mic’s annual Sidepony Express Music Festival he puts on in Bisbee, AZ. You can find more info at