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Episode 26: The Bonzoleum Episode! Everything John Bonham w/ Terry Keating

June 09, 2020


Hello hello…my name is Ben Hilzinger and this is the Big Fat Snare Drum Podcast. We took a few weeks off, but to make it up to you, we have an insanely long episode. Terry Keating is one of my favorite YouTube personalities for obvious reasons. His enthusiastic approach to hosting a show and overall education style makes my heart so happy. Check out his John Bonham page Bonzoleum. I initially wanted to have him on the show to discuss 5 hidden gems in Bonzo’s catalog that drummers might not necessarily know unless he or she is a huge Led Zeppelin fan. I’m not NOT a fan, but I’d fall in the category that a lot of my peers fall into of “yeah I know Fool in the Rain, Good Times Bad Times, Rock 'n Roll and When the Levee Breaks, but I know I SHOULD know more.” I don’t think we’re a small group, so that's why I wanted to have Terry on. Anyways, we immediately started talking like old friends and so I put all my notes away and just pushed record. It ended being an almost 2 hr conversation about what makes Bonzo Bonzo, why people are obsessed with his gear as much as his playing (sometimes more), and just tons of anecdotes/fun pieces of trivia that only a Bonzo aficionado would know. I was gonna try to edit it down, but Terry is so fun to listen to so I basically kept the whole thing running. This might take a few listens, but this ended up being one of my favorite drumming conversations in the past few years. Thank you Terry for being so generous with your time and enthusiasm for all that is Bonzo. Alright, shutting up….cheers!
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