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Episode 23: Top Drum Plugins w/ E-MAN (@drumawayeman)

May 15, 2020

This week’s guest is E-MANdrummer for Andy Grammer…but he's also worked with Gwen Stefani, Cody Simpson, producer Tyler Johnson and many more. E-man also provides remote recordings via his home studio and definitely knows how to get great sounds…check out his Instagram and YouTube Channel to see what I mean. I wanted to get him on the show to breakdown his favorite plugins he uses to record/mix and why. Again, I’m just as much of an audience member as you are for this one…so I was excited to hear what he had to say. He is also releasing a YouTube video today associated with this episode so you can see the exact settings he used for the audio that we’re going to drop in. We have also partnered up with a few of these companies to offer some giveaways and discount codes...with the details in the show description. Alrighty. Cheers!
Today’s episode is brought to you by Clearsound BafflesClearsound Baffles are a transparent, acoustic shielding product that dampen loud instruments and significantly improve live sound. They dampen harsh, high-end frequencies, eliminate a huge amount of bleed into the open mics on stage, and they let your drum kit breathe the way it was meant to. And they actually have a discount code for our listeners. Enter "bigfatdiscount" at checkout to get 10% off.