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Episode 21: The Dichotomous Life of Working in the Music Industry w/ Sahir Hanif

April 29, 2020

Today's guest is Sahir (aka Sai) Hanif...owner of Masters of Maple drums and Ghost Tech Touring. Sai has the oh-so-common task of wearing many hats within the music industry so I wanted to get him on the show to discuss the dichotomy of being the top dog as a Production Manager one day and then switching to more of a compliment to action as a studio drum tech the next (all while running a successful drum company). Sai explains the main roles for each job, but his stories and advice will serve as a great resource on how to navigate the music industry with the proper perspective and attitude. 
Masters of Maple has also teamed up with Music Cares and The Grammy Foundation to help with artists displaced by Covid-19 in the form of re-issuing one of their most popular drums and donating all the proceeds to the relief fund. We discuss this at the top of the show.
This episode is sponsored by Clearsound Baffles. Clearsound Baffles are a transparent, acoustic shielding product that dampens loud instruments and significantly improve live sound. Perhaps you’ve seen them at your church or on tour with artists like Khaleed, Zara Larsson, or Gladys Knight, just to name a few. They’re those clear, plexiglass circles that mount in front of cymbals and snares. They dampen harsh, high-end frequencies, eliminate a huge amount of bleed into the open mics on stage, and they let your drum kit breathe the way it was meant to.