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THE James Gadson Breaks Down the Songs That Define His Recording Career

December 07, 2022


**This is the new and improved interview with James Gadson that happened 2 years ago now in November of 2020.**

 ‘Gadson on Gadson’. Today was a milestone for me. I’ve been such a huge fan of this man for years and I hope I hide my nervousness well enough in this conversation. This week’s guest is James Gadson…one of the funkiest drummers out there. He gave life to the 16th note groove and used it on countless records with Bill Withers, The Jackson Five, Beck, Cheryl Lynn, Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and many more. For a time, it was rare to go a whole day without hearing James’ drumming on the radio, and probably still true to this day on some stations. We discuss the top records on which he played that best represent his career in the studio. I had a blast talking with James and he is a gentleman through and through. And if you’re a drummer, his DVD ‘Funk / R&B Drumming’ is a must watch. Honestly…must OWN. It will get you paid. I guarantee it.