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Stella Mozgawa's (Warpaint, Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett) Top 5 Influential Records

March 09, 2022

This week’s guest is Stella Mozgawa…drummer for the band Warpaint. In addition to her band, she’s also collaborated with Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, Flea, Adam Green, Regina Spektor, The xx, Sharon Von Eaten and many, many more. It’s basically a list of all the cool kids…but like that actual cool kids. I’m truly a fan of Stella, so having watched and read many of her interviews before this chat, I knew she has incredible taste in music and I was so stoked to hear what she had to say. Her style was most-recently dissected in my episode with Martina Barakoska (being that Stella was on her big fat five list) so go check that out pleeaseee. Basically, Stella’s the shit. She’s rad on and off the drums and this was a really joyful conversation. I hope you enjoy my chat with Stella about the 5 records thats made her into the drummer she is today. Cheers! 

Artwork by Trevin Frame