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Mike Dawson's (managing editor of Modern Drummer Magazine / Podcast Co-Host) Top Drumming Moments That Shaped His Style

September 14, 2020


This week's guest is Mike Dawson, managing editor of Modern Drummer Magazine and co-host of the Modern Drummer Podcast w/ Mike and Mike (the other Mike being Mike Johnston). They have exactly 250 archived episodes so go check that out…after you binge all of our episodes, of course. Mike is an insanely artful player who exemplifies the idea of building creativity out of giving yourself limitations. He posts a lot of his weird-isms on his Instagram at @mikedawsondrumsThis episode is a reminder of how little I know when it comes to great drumming and it only reinforced my decision to continue with this format. Mike breaks down the drumming moments that shaped his playing. Cheers!




Song: Wild Thing

Artist / Band: Tone Lōc

Drummer: Alex Van Halen

Spotify/ Apple


Song: Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

Artist / Band: The Ramones

Drummer: Marky Ramone

Spotify/ Apple


Song: Sunday Bloody Sunday

Artist/Song: U2

Drummer: Larry Mullen Jr.

Spotify/ Apple


Song: Love Her All I Can

Artist/Spotify: KISS

Drummer: Peter Criss

Spotify/ Apple


Performance: Dennis Chambers – Serious Moves

Distributor: DCI Music Video

1st Clip: YouTube

2nd Clip: YouTube


Honorable Mention:


Song: Cult of Personality

Artist/Performance: Living Colour

Drummer: Will Calhoun

Spotify/ Apple


This episode is also sponsored by Waves Audio. This podcast would take me soooo much longer to edit if it wasn't for the Waves Vocal Rider plugin. It "rides" the fader in real-time and keeps both my and my guest's audio at a consistent level without the need to overcompress. I also use an endless of amount of their plugins for my musical recordings such as Abbey Road Saturator, CLA Drums, the SSL Channel, and many more.