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Michael Benjamin Lerner (Telekinesis): His Top Influences, The State of the Music Industry, and How To Be A Successful Band Member

November 11, 2021


This week’s guest is Michael Benjamin Lerner…drummer, singer, and primary songwriter for the band Telekinesis. I love having songwriters on the show because, as we discuss in this episode, they usually have more of a birds-eye-view-approach to writing drum parts. I was made aware of Michael’s drumming in a really fun way (which we discuss) and, while I never got to meet him when we were both living up in Seattle, this chat is long overdue…at least for me. Michael’s drumming is powerful, deliberate and just fun. We chatted for a long time and a lot our conversation didn’t make the episode, but I made sure to keep in Michael’s perspective on the current state of the music industry and his spot-advice for how to be a successful band member. We, of course, sprinkle in some influences throughout. It got a little rushed at the end, which I do regret, but we’re both busy guys and sometimes it do be like that. He is such a sweetheart and I hope you enjoy this episode. Cheers!

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