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Justin Scott's (@jscottdrummer) Top 5 Influences

September 01, 2021


We’ve got Justin Scott aka @jscottdrummer on the show today dropping a whoooooole ton of knowledge. I’ve been obsessed with Justin’s drumming for years and I’m sure you have too. If not, you WILL BE after this episode. He is a monster player that can fit more notes in a 15-second clip than I can in a lifetime, but he always puts music first. He’s a great teacher and you can find all of his extremely affordable lesson plans on his website I have personally bought and used every single one and can’t recommend them enough. If you watch one video of his on Instagram, it might make you want to hang up your boots, but his lessons break down drumming in a really approachable way that will inspire you all over again and make even the fastest and most creative players seem a whole lot less intimidating. Please enjoy the top 5 happenings that made Justin Scott into the player he is today. Cheeeeeerrrssss. 

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