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Jeremy Taggart's (ex-Our Lady Peace, Taggart & Torrens) Top 5 Influential Records

January 26, 2023

This week’s guest is Jeremy Taggart. Jeremy has been mentioned on the pod of few times in other drummer’s top 5 in regards to his previous work with the band Our Lady Peace…which Jeremy joined when he was 17 and remained their drummer until 2014. He’s also a fellow podcaster with his show “Tarrant & Torrens”…which we talk about at the end of the show (it's also a musical duo)…plus he's the co-auther of the book "Canadianity ".

Jeremy and my mutual friend (and yet another friend of the pod) Mike Robinson of Blame My Youth, K Flay, Oliver Tree sums up Jeremy’s playing in a great way. Quote “Jeremy’s drumming just seems so conversational and almost stream of conscious. But at the same time so deliberate”. I mean...that’s the gaol right? We also get into his friendship…it’ll make you love Elvin even more. All in all, Jeremy has an Infectious laugh and youthful playfulness thoughout this whole conversation. I loved it. Please enjoy this chat with Jeremey Taggart about the 5 records that shaped him into the player he is today.