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I get interviewed...

February 28, 2023


This week’s guest is…me! I’ve been getting a lot of questions from new listeners regarding my time in LA and asking for any advice on how to make strides in their drumming career. While I certainly don’t think I’m an authority on that matter, I still welcome these conversations. That being said, I wanted to upload this episode for a good reference as to what I tend to say time and time again. I also acknowledge that my favorite podcasts ARE my favorite podcasts because I feel like I know the host and, while I try to keep these conversations as causal as possible, I don’t really talk about myself and my history too much. Sooo a few months back, I interviewed Ryan Seaman for Big Fat Five, but Ryan has his own show as well on Idobi Radio called ‘Ryan Seaman and Friends’. After our chat for this podcast, I hopped on his show to talk about MY story as a drummer and offer some advice of varying credibility. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit better and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon! Also, please email me at at any time to offer suggestions for the show e.g. comments, concerns, guest recommendations, congratulations on being such a great host - whatever you want! I’ve had some really kind people reach out as of late and it truly means the world. I don’t take any of it for granted. Anyways, enough about me. Here’s an episode all about me! Cheers.