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Eric Slick's (Dr. Dog) Top 5 Drumming Moments That Shaped His Style

November 03, 2020


Today’s guest is Eric Slick drummer for Dr. Dog. Eric is a great player with a modern day Ringo-esque approach to serving the song…which is an obvious focus when you hear his drum that are deceivingly hard to execute well.

His effortless technique is something I’ve admired from afar and I was really anxious to hear about the top 5 drumming moments that shaped his style. In addition to his tenure in Dr. Dog and working as a drummer for many other artists, Eric is a prolific songwriter himself. His most recent album, “Wiseacre”, came out this year…and it rulezz. Please enjoy my conversation with Eric Slick. Cheers!




When We Was Fab by George Harrison from Cloud Nine

:55 - 1:26

(Ringo Starr on Drums)


Bruford and The Beat

1:40  -2:26

(Bill Bruford on drums)


Inca Roads by Frank Zappa from the album A Token of His Extreme LIVE

8:01- end. I mean this whole performance is just so bonkers

(Chester Thompson on drums)


Ella Guru by Captain Beefheart from the album Trout Mask Replica

:07 - 53

(John French aka Drumbo on the drums)


Tony Williams Drum Clinic 1985

from :55 - 1:50


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