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Dave Elitch's Top 5 Influences

January 19, 2022

This week’s guest is Dave Elitch and this chat is long overdue because he’s one of the most-mentioned drummers on this podcast…behind Levon Helm, of course. Dave has played with The Mars Volta, The 1975, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake…and countless others, but a lot of drummers know him as a “teacher’s teacher”. He’s helped many of the best drummers (and instructors) fine tune their own playing such as Jason McGerr, Benny Greb, Tomas Haake, Chris McHugh and even Bill Burr...who I would love to get on this podcast. His zen-like approach to viewing drummers as athletes and listening to the body and how it relates to one’s goals makes him one of the most sough-after teachers today. His online instructional course, aptly named “Getting Out Of Your Own Way” was just updated (and we do talk about all of that in this episode), but I wanted to get to know the drummer behind the instructor. I hope you enjoy my chat with Dave about the 5 records that helped shaped the way he approaches the instrument. Cheers!

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