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Dan Mayo's Top 5 Influences: Part 1

April 20, 2021


Today’s guest is Dan Mayo. Dan is an Israeli drummer with one of the most distinct sounds of any player today…partly thanks to his A&F drum set, but mostly do to his personality behind the kit and background in a wide range of musical genres. His main project is the power trio, TATRAN, but Dan is also a prolific solo artist in addition to working with many other legends such as Ester Rada & Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. We chatted for quite awhile and so I split our conversation into two parts. Part 1 starts off with me playing a bunch of song from Dan’s career followed by a discussion on each. We then get into some listener questions and eventually dive into a more general list of the top 5 influences that shaped him into the drummer he is today. Part 2 is the 5 specific records that shaped the way he tunes his drums and approaches writing in general. Not only is Dan a very generous human being, he’s funny and humble and I really hope these episodes turn you into a dan fan. Enjoy part 1 Cheers :)