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Carson Gant's (@oneupdrumvids) Top 5 Influences

September 30, 2021


This week’s episode is nothing but good vibes. We’ve got Carson Gant aka @oneupdrumvids on the show. Carson’s ability to recreate classic loops and drum breaks on the acoustic kit is unmatched, but not so much in the vein of Jojo Mayer, Adam Betts, or Richard Spaven (which I know I’ve described in a similar way), Carson focused more on the slower, hip-hop style grooves that might SEEM a little more approachable in comparison to the drummers I just mentioned, but ohhhhh no. Believe me, there are a lot of nuances within a groove that are only exposed at a slower tempo…at least in comparison to drum n bass. This has been a long time coming because Carson has been a busy little Canadian bee launching a website providing different take on the classic loop library system called which we also talk about during the show. Please enjoy my conversation with Carson Gant on all things groove and the top 5 influences that made him into the drummer he is today. 

Podcast Artwork by Trevin Frame