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April 26, 2023


I want to create a new segment of the show where I include a “listener pick” in every show. I feel like a lot of you have amazing taste in music and I want to hear about your influences as well! That being said…I know it’s hard to reach out and sometimes you’d rather just listen; I get it. Buttttt, I want this show to feel just as much yours as it is mine. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be heading into my 3rd year of doing this podcast in one form of another. It doesn’t have to be an entire list of 5. It can be just one or two (or whatever you want). 

Here’s what you can do. Obviously, I would love it if you called me and left a voice message that I can play on the show. It’s an audio platform at the end of the day and I want people to hear your voice! I also want to hear your voice too…preferably not while you’re driving through rain storm with the top town. Try an be in a somewhat quiet setting 😊

‪(424) 253-6676

Just state:

-       Your name

-       Where you’re calling from 

-       A little backstory of yourself as a drummer (whatever you feel comfortable with…but do some self promotion, we all want to support you)

-       And then offer your picks … dont worry if you stutter or say a bunch of ums and uhs…I’ll edit it so that you sound nice a smooth. You should hear me before I edit this damn thing. Yikes. 

You don’t need to provide any links or anything (unless they’re some insanely archived bootleg choice you damn hipster). I’ll find them and play them after we play your message. That being said, you can always just text me all the same info and I’ll read it out loud. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to choose this and that’s totally fine! These texts go directly to my phone and I will respond. So say what’s up! 

But regardless, this is super informal and I just want to expand my reach and hopefully get some people turned on to new music…as is always my goal. I also want to give my listeners a platform to promote themselves. I also hope this goes without saying too that I would love any feedback; you can use the number below to add any comments / concerns / guest suggestions…all that stuff. Please participate or I’m gonna feel like a fool. Ok BYEEEEE.