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Brendan Buckley (Morrissey, Shakira, Perry Farrell): 5 Records That Inspired Him Growing Up

February 28, 2023


This week’s guest is Brendan Buckley…a drummer with an incredible resume that includes Shakira, Perry Farrell, Morrissey, Tegan and Sara, Damian Rice, JJ Lin and many more. I gush all about his playing to his face in the chat so I’ll leave that there, but I will say that he is one of the most articulate guests we’ve had on the show in regards to setting up each of his choices; and because of that, this is one of my favorites. He had a little bit of a different take on his choices, so buckle and enjoy this chat with Brendan Buckley. Cheers!



Brendan's Honorable Mentions (as promised)...

- Kenny Werner: "Meditation 1-4 "Effortless Mastery" 1996

- Carlos Vega: "Country Road" on James Taylor's "Live" 1993

- Omar Hakim: “Fortress Around Your Heart” on Sting’s “The Dream of the Blue Turtles” 1985 

- Steve Jordan: "Ramblin" on David Sanborn's "Upfront" 1992

- John Bonham: “Good Times Bad Times” on Led Zeppelin 1 1969

- Stephen Perkins: “Mountain Song” on Jane’s Addiction’s “Nothing’s Shocking” 1988

- Matt Cameron: “Ugly Truth” on Soundgarden’s “Louder Than Love” 1989

- Dennis Chambers: "Blue Matter" on John Scofield's "Blue Matter" 1986 

- Matt Chamberlain: "A Sort Of Fairytale" on Tori Amos's "Scarlet's Walk" 2002

- Tony Williams: "So What" on Miles Davis's "Four And More" 1966

- Bill Stewart: “She’s So Lucky” on John Scofield’s “Hand Jive” 1994

- Boris Williams: “Icing Sugar” on The Cure’s “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” 1987