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Billy Martin's (Medeski, Martin & Wood) Top 5ish Influential Records

February 15, 2022

 This week’s guest is Billy Martin aka Illy B, a world-renown drummer, educator, visual artist, filmmaker, record label owner, non-profit organizer, and author…but above all else…he’s a Creative through and through. If you enjoy this episode, please go check out Billy’s interview with Mike Dawson on the Drum Candy podcast titled “Improvising and Cultivating a Creative Mindset”. Verrrryy fruitful. Billy has collaborated with some of the best out there including but not limited to John Scofield, John Zorn, Iggy Pop, Natalie Merchant, Flea, Bill Laswell, and Mickey Hart, but many people know him from his work with Medeski, Martin, and Wood featuring himself, John Medeski and Chris Wood. 

I recently checked out his “Anti-Instructional” movie filmed alongside fellow teacher and friend Allen Herman titled “Life on Drums” and I can’t recommend it enough. We discuss the unique structure of the movie towards the end of our conversation, but we start off talking about soloing…something which Billy encourages all drummers to do fist thing when sitting behind the kit, “even if just for five minutes”. We also get into a bunch of my insecurities surrounding creativity before jumping into the records that shaped billy into the amazing musician he is today. Lots of good stuff in this one ya’ll. Cheers!Podcast

Artwork by Trevin Frame