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Big Fat Progress

January 05, 2021

**NEW EPISODE** I decided to start off the year by revisiting the very first episode of this podcast. At that point, we really had no idea what this podcast was going to become (and in ways I still don’t), but there was a section of that episode where Kris talked about the story of starting Big Fat Snare Drum. I wanted to replay a clip from that and then I invited Kris back on the show to discuss how difficult this last year has been for us as a small business and what we’ve done to keep the doors open. I’m calling it, “Big Fat Progress”, because I really don’t see this year as much of a setback for us as it was an uncomfortably-forced pivot. After that, I asked Kris some of my favorite questions about his ethos on business in general. Kris is almost always right when it comes to what will resonate with people on a large scale. I guarantee you will take something away from this.


This episode is also sponsored by Waves Audio. This podcast would take me soooo much longer to edit if it wasn't for the Waves Vocal Rider plugin. It "rides" the fader in real-time and keeps both my and my guest's audio at a consistent level without the need to overcompress. I also use an endless of amount of their plugins for my musical recordings such as Abbey Road Saturator, CLA Drums, the SSL Channel, and many more. We are an affiliate member of Waves and if you purchase any Waves plugin via the link below, you directly support the show and me. I love you.

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