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Aaron Steele's Top 5 (actually 6) Influences

April 27, 2021


This week’s guest is Aaron Steele. Aaron is a melting pot of creativity who has a Rolodex of influences including everything from hardcore to jazz to singer-songwriter to r&b to electronica to funk to pop and back again. Don’t you dare put him in a box! Aaron’s resume includes Portugal. The Man. Hayley Williams of Paramore, Peter Bradley Adams, Chrome Sparks, Jose James and, of course, many more. Our chat went well over two hours, so I consolidated it just a bit. We’ll be jumping in right as we get into the topic of comparing yourself to other players (something that Aaron never does)…before eventually dissecting the top 5 influences that shaped Aaron’s style. As to be expected, Aarons’s choices are NOT expected, but they are very impactful and I’m really excited to dive deeper into all these artists.

 You can find all the songs referenced or played in this episode in a Spotify playlist. Just search ‘Big Fat Five Podcast - Aaron Steele’. Please enjoy my conversation with the ever-unique and talented Aaron Steele. 


The Jameszoo 'Against The Clock' mentioned in the show:


The Hayley Williams: Tiny Desk Concert mentioned in the show: