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50 Simple and Effective Drum Grooves (you voted!)

May 17, 2022

Alright so…if you listened to the ‘70’s Drum Sounds’ episode, you know that we sometimes do a little questionnaire/poll thing about a certain topic on the Big Fat Snare Drum Instagram. Recently, I asked “What are the simplest, yet most effective drum parts”. Of course, drummers are a bunch of smartasses so many of you answered with “tension rod, nylon washers, the snare strainer…” to which I chuckled. Well done…

But for this episode, I made a playlist of all the songs ya’ll responded with and I thought we’d go through them together. Many of them I haven’t heard before, so I’m gonna hear them in real time. AFTER that, we are going to do a little giveaway. I’m making the playlist live on Spotify HERE so I need ya’ll to choose YOUR top 5 and email me at I’m going to choose a participant at random to win a very special package from Big Fat Snare Drum. Again, choose your 5 from this list…or hey….choose your own top 5 and email me at Have fun! 

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