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5 Great Drumming Podcasts You Need To Know

June 14, 2021



Here’s the thing. There are A LOT of drumming podcasts out there and it’s hard to know where to start. Thanks to The Drum Click Podcast Network, finding your new favorite shows just became a whole lot easier. Founded in early 2021, The Drum Click is the world’s first drum podcast network solely dedicated to topics and conversations involving all things ‘DRUM’. They’ve put together a curated list of 5 great shows that will scratch every itch in your drumming brain.


Drum History Podcast



A podcast all about the rich history of the drums and how they became what they are today! Join Bart van der Zee as he speaks with experts about the curious journey of the ever-evolving drum set



Big Fat Five: A Podcast Financially Supported by Big Fat Snare Drum



Every musician has a unique story that shapes the way they approach their instrument. Join host Ben Hilzinger as he invites the world’s best drummers to dissect the TOP 5 influences that made them who they are today.



Sarah Hagan Backstage



Former Head of Artist Relations Worldwide for Zildjian, Sarah has made a career of creating, building and maintaining genuine relationships with the world’s greatest drummers. Her new music industry podcast is an in-depth and informative media platform drawing on her decades in the music industry. Sarah has worked with top brands negotiating endorsement contracts, creating celebrated content, and developing innovative, award-winning instruments.


Drum Candy Podcast



Hosted by Drum Factory Direct chief creative officer Mike Dawson (and former co-host of The Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike & Mike), Drum Candy is the definitive podcast for gear-obsessed drummers with an insatiable hunger for non-stop shop talk. Each episode will include product demos and interviews with the world’s top drummers, builders, producers, and product designers. Shell types, bearing edges, snare wires, hoop shootouts, tuning, muffling… every component of the drumset and drum sounds gets dissected, discussed, tested, and reviewed here on Drum Candy.



Working Drummer Podcast



With over 300 episodes and counting, Working Drummer Podcast is the source for those interested in what it’s like to be a professional drummer. We hear from a diverse range of musicians who represent many different genres and scenes. Each weekly interview features a different performer, sometimes with a less recognizable name, but always with an impressive and distinct body of work. This unique approach has garnered a loyal audience hungry for unfiltered stories about making a living as a musician.