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BFSD Ear Plugs

  • BFSD Ear Plugs
  • BFSD Ear Plugs
  • BFSD Ear Plugs

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Hearing Protection: Earplugs for Concerts, Musicians, Planes, Flying, Motorcycle - Noise Reduction 26db High Fidelity Ear Plugs - Reusable Music Musician Ear Plugs/Ear Protection  - Comes in Black or Red

  • [Protect Your Hearing] – NRR 26 decibels of noise reduction will ensure a safe level of sound in even the loudest of environments. 
  • [Allows The Right Sound In] - Worried you’ll be too separated from the action? Not with these ear plugs! Designed to the preserve sound quality, the BFSD Ear Plugs will only reject the harmful frequencies and allow a safe, enjoyable experience that won’t damage your hearing. 
  • [Virtually Invisible] - BFSD Ear Plugs are constructed from a durable / clear silicone, allowing them to go unnoticed to any outside observer. 
  • [Never Lose Your Earplugs] - Our premium carrying case attaches to any key-chain setup ensuring you’re never left without protection. 
  • [Re-Usable / Washable] - BFSD Ear Plugs can be easily cleaned by gently wiping with a wet tissue or cloth. 
  • [Multiple Applications] - Great for concerts, musicians, motorcycles, flights/airplanes, sleeping, DJs, Sporting Events, Studying etc.